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After nearly 40 years of living and working in Washington, DC as an Executive Pastry Chef, I’ve returned to Baltimore where I grew up. I have retired from my restaurant which I opened in 2000 with a partner. And now I’m enjoying my foray into teaching baking and pastry classes! I am proud of the wonderful reviews and articles about me and I have included links to a few of my recipes.

ann amernick baking classes

Ann Amernick
Baking and Pastry Chef
Owings Mills, MD

Baking Class - Pastry Class

I’m presenting a slightly different procedure with classes, subjects and scheduling. Instead of setting up predetermined classes and schedules, I’m leaving that up to the students. This way, people can select the type of baking class and a convenient time for them. The only requirement is that the class has no less than 3 students.

Each class is $70.00 per person (incl. ingredients), lasts approximately 3 hours, is hands on and taught in Owings Mills, MD. The class size limit is 4 people. Students take home what they make.

Some of the subjects we can include in the class are:

  • Cake baking and decorating, both simple and more decorative and elaborate.
  • Pastries, including pies, a different way.
  • Croissants.
  • Danish pastry.
  • Puff pastry, both sweet and savory.
  • Plated desserts.
  • Cookies, the tiny friandises served at the end of a meal, including French Macaroons, Dutch Macaroons, assorted butter cookies and some of the specialties which we used to prepare at my bakery in Washington, DC, and the old favorites from my childhood in Baltimore, like the Rainbow Cake and real Chocolate Top cookies from Silbers bakery.
  • Breads and rolls, both sweet and savory.

Click here for more about me, and I hope you check out my book, "The Art of Dessert." Please contact me to discuss your baking and pastry needs and schedule your class.



Recipe - Mocha Custard
Recipe - Puff Pastry

ann amernick reviews
"Pastry chef Ann Amernick's finishing touches have never been more worth breaking any diet you might be on. Winter brings a fabulous cheesecake made with alternating layers of pumpkin and goat cheese; summer finds an exquisite blueberry "pie" assembled from buttery panes of pastry and plump fruit tossed with sour cream. Does it get any better?"

Fall Dining Guide - by Tom Sietsema
Washington Post Magazine

ann amernick pastry classes

"Amernick's list of accomplishments can be equaled by few others; she has worked for hotels restaurants and caterers; owned a bakery; taught pastry classes; and written three cookbooks."

"Amernick is known for her strict adherence to classic pastry-making techniques, her dazzling wedding cakes, and the butter-rich caramels for which people come far and wide to toss down like peanuts."

David Hagedorn, The Washington Post

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ann amernick pastry cookbook

The Art of the Dessert
by Ann Amernick
ISBN: 0471443816
John Wiley & Sons
hardcover, color (368p)
"Ann Amernick's love of her art shines through every recipe in this glorious book. Few pastry chefs are capable of creating gorgeous works of art that also taste delicious. Ann's always do. She has a heartwarming desire to share with the home cook all the knowledge she has amassed over a lifetime of hard work in the kitchen. This book is a delicious distillation of an artist's life's work and a generous gift to anyone who dreams of delighting family and friends with unforgettable desserts."
-Patrick O'Connell, chef and proprietor of The Inn at Little Washington

"Ann has been mastering the classics of pastry for many years, and I am glad she has come out with a beautiful book to showcase her talent and knowledge of pastry."
-Daniel Boulud, chef and restaurateur, Daniel, Cafe Boulud, and DB Bistro

"The Art of the Dessert showcases Ann's well-respected career and vast repertoire of knowledge in pastry. This cookbook clearly conveys her passion and talent for baking. It is a perfect complement to the passionate baker's cookbook collection."
-François Payard, chef and proprietor of Payard, New York City and São Paolo, and author of Bite Size and Simply Sensational Desserts

"A 'must have' for any serious baker. Ann's years of experience as a professional pastry chef and bakery owner make her an authority in her field. Beautiful and tasty, the recipes in this complete collection are my new best friends. Her jewel-like style when it comes to desserts is irresistible."
-Gale Gand, Executive Pastry Chef and partner of Tru, host of the Food Network's Sweet Dreams, and author of Chocolate & Vanilla

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Previous Positions:

  • Assistant Pastry Chef: The White House
  • Pastry Chef: Jean-Louis at the Watergate
  • Co-owner: Palena Restaurant


  • James Beard Nominations:
    Outstanding Pastry Chef - 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003
  • One of Ten Best Pastry Chefs in America - Chocolatier Magazine 1994
  • Ten Best Pastry Chefs in America - Pastry Art and Design 2001
  • James Beard's 90th Birthday Celebration - United Nations, NYC 1993
  • Julia Child's 80th Birthday Celebration - American Institute of Food and Wine, Washington, D.C. 1992
  • First Prize and Best Piece of Show, Individual Entry - Salon of the Culinary Arts, American Culinary Federation, 1981,1982
  • Bronze Medal and Grand Prize, Pastry Buffet - Salon of the Culinary Arts, American Culinary Federation, 1980

Please contact me to discuss your baking and pastry needs:

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Ann Amernick, executive pastry chef, conducts private baking and pastry classes.
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